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NEW 9-48v 2A Power over Ethernet Passive PoE Adapter Injector POE Splitter

$8.98 $4.99
SKU:LAY900 Specification: Pinout: DC jack center positive, 2.1 mm pin. RJ45 pins 4,5 = positive, RJ45 pins 7,8 = negative. Output: 9-48V/Max 2A. ? Passive POE comply with the IEEE 802.3af specification. ? To avoid ground loops, ground should be referenced on the receiving end only, that is use a 2 prong (non grounded) AC adapter. Features: Passive POE (Power Over Ethernet) adapter, used pairs of 100Mps network cableto transmit power to remote device. It is compatible with equipment supporting the standard PoE pin out (Pins 4&5 Power/ Pins 7&8 Power-) Package included : 1pcxPoE Adapter(charger not included)