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New MacX MicroFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Wipe Screen Keyboard For Apple Macbook pro

$29.99 $12.99
Because the new MacBook Pro uses a thin keyboard, and the gap between the screen and the keyboard is very narrow. The goal of our design is that the cloth should have good cleaning ability. In fact, the fabric can take away dust. And it should be thin enough so that the screen won't be damaged. We have tested at least 20 kinds of materials, and finally determined the microfiber material you see. But this kind of material cutting has great difficulty, machine cutting can only cut right angle edge. However, for the sake of beauty, fillet is what we like, so all the cutting is done manually. So there will be some rough edges or not so smooth. I hope you understand. But I believe that the ultra-thin, good cleaning function, good softness, wipe the screen does not hurt the coating of the wipe cloth. This is it. My little cloth doesn't need cleaning fluid for its cleaning ability. It just needs to breathe. The video of wiping is in the first page. Copy the link and see. Remember, macbook pro screen has anti glare layer, if you use detergent or poor screen cloth will cause irreversible damage to the screen. --------------------------- In addition to wiping the screen, you can also act as a protective layer between the keyboard and the screen In this way, you can put the wiping cloth between the keyboard and the screen when you cover the box In this way, there will be no keyboard imprint on the screen The wiping cloth is made of superfine fiber, which can effectively clean the screen. And reduce the damage of wiping the screen to the screen layer. Size:28CMX11CM