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Original FUJITSU AC ADAPTER 19V 6.32A 120W FMV-AC316

$59.99 $39.99
Original FUJITSU AC ADAPTER 19V 6.32A 120W FMV-AC316 Model:FMV-AC316 FPCAC36 TYPE:ACY113 FUJI 19V 6.32A 5525 Input Voltage: 100V-240VAC (50-60Hz) 1.5A Output Voltage: 19 Volts DC 120W MAX Amperage: 6.32 Amps DC Plus Dimension: 5.5mmX2.5mm Connector: Condition:Brand New 100% Warranty:60 DAYS Please make sure the output and the connector is same if yes it will fit for. Fujitsu Lifebook N-3000 N-3010 N-5000 N-5010 N3000 N3010 N5000 N5010 N04 N53 N58 N61 American Sunrex Corp Geforce 4 8600 8200 2800 F10503-A Prostar 9870 series 9870 982 5190 5100s 2100 2100p 3550 3100c 4283 4200 3593 3100b 3150 3100c 2293 2200s 2253 2200c 2273 2200t CP163061-01 FPCAC39AP This adapter is also compatible with the following Toshiba laptop as PA3290-2ACA: (not PA3290-1ACA) Toshiba Satellite A60: A60-S156 A60-S1561 A60-S159 A60-S1591 A60-S1591ST A60-S1592ST A60-S166 A60-S1661 A60-S1662 A60-S1691ST Toshiba Satellite A65: A65-S1062 A65-S1063 A65-S1064 A65-S1065 A65-S1066 A65-S1067 A65-S109 A65-S1091 A65-S126 A65-S1261 A65-S136 A65-S1361 A65-S1362 A65-S1662 A65-S1762 Toshiba Satellite A70: A70-S249 A70-S2491 A70-S2492ST A70-S256 A70-S2561 A70-S259 A70-S2591 A70-S2362 Toshiba Satellite A75: A75-S206 A75-S2061 A75-S2091 A75-S211 A75-S2111 A75-S226 A75-S2261 A75-S229 A75-S2291 A75-S2292 A75-S2293 A75-S231 A75-S2311 A75-S276 A75-S2761 A75-S2762 Toshiba Satellite P10 Series: P10-S429 P10-S4291 Toshiba Satellite P30: P30-S6362ST P30-S63623T P30-S701TD Toshiba Satellite P35: P35-S609 P35-S6091 P35-S611 P35-S6111 P35-S629 P35-S6291 P35-S6292 P35-S631 P35-S6311 P35-S7012. Toshiba Satellite P25 (Only the units Listed): P25-S607 P25-S608 P25-S609 P25-S670 P25-S676 P25-S6761 ACER TravelMate: TM 240 250 250PE 2200 series notebooks Gateway: 7210GX 7215GX 7320GZ 7405GX M280 M360 M460 M460S M460X M460XL M520 M520S M520X M520XL M680